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Deluxe Shea Butter blog — 6 autumn skin care tips

6 tips for better autumn skin

Protect your skin from dryness and cracking with our autumn skin care tips.

Autumn is well and truly here, and the change of weather requires a change in the way you look after your skin. Although less likely to be damaged by the sun, the colder air can leave your skin dry and cracked. Here are six tips to keep your skin looking its best right through to the end of winter.


Deluxe Shea Butter Autumn Skin Care Tips - woman jogging in autumn

1. Change your Cleanser.

While it’s important to remove impurities, toxins and pollutants from your skin, a cleanser that worked just fine in summer might leave your skin dry in autumn. Choose a more gentle, creamier cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oil and you’ll feel and look better.

2. Where it’s dry, humidify.

The combination of cold, drying winds outside and heaters inside can make your skin as dry as an autumn leaf. Dermatologists recommend using a humidifier in the colder months to put some moisture back in the air and your skin.

Deluxe Shea Butter Autumn Skin Care Tips - woman jogging in autumn
Deluxe Shea Butter Autumn Skin Care Tips - woman with face cleanser laughing
Deluxe Shea Butter Autumn Skin Care Tips - woman with face cleanser laughing

3. I screen, you screen, we all screen.

Just because the sun is lower in the sky, doesn’t mean it can’t do damage to your skin. It’s a good idea to continue wearing at least a SPF30 sunscreen in autumn and even winter whenever you’re heading outside, to protect your skin from the damage and danger of UV radiation.

4. C the difference.

Vitamin C is one of your skin’s best friends in the cooler months. Not only does it help to block the SPF rays that can still do damage, it can even out your skin tone and pigmentation, which increases collagen production and leads to healthier looking skin.

5. Don’t hesitate to exfoliate.

Our skin naturally sheds less as the weather cools down, which can leave it dry and rough. Not exfoliating regularly can result in your skin becoming dry and flaky, which may eventually lead to clogged pores. Be careful though, as exfoliating too much in the cooler months can irritate your skin.

7. Butter makes it better.

Our skin doesn’t really like the transition from summer to autumn, so it’s important to replace the moisture our skin loses in the colder weather. Shea Butter is the ultimate natural hydrator, containing powerful antioxidants that repair dry skin, cracked lips, stretch marks and blemishes. In the cooler months it also provides a protective barrier, preventing moisture loss.

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