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Memunatu Mahamadu

Memunatu Mahamadu is from the Buiyili community, she has 5 children and 3 grandchildren. She always has a smile on her face!

To make ends meet, Memunatu farms, sells charcoal to burn and picks shea nuts. Memunatu is such an inspiration to us all in her desire and effort to provide food, clothing and education for her loving family. Well done Memu, we couldn’t be prouder of you.

With so many mouths to feed she barely has time to relax. Memunatu wishes for better access to grinding mills because this would help make her life a lot easier. With the money that working for Deluxe Shea Butter generates, Memunatu is hoping to one day build a room for her family and to also pay for their education.

What’s your name? I am Memunatu Mahamadu from Buiyili.

What is your favourite food? I like rice with beans.

Tell us about your family? I have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. Sakina Mahamadu is my first born and she is 20 years old, married with three children. Alhassan Mahamadu is the second child, he is 15 years old and has not been to school. The third is Abdallah Mahamadu, he is 12 years old and deaf, he has also not been to school. Karima Mahamadu is the fourth born, he is 8 years old and currently in school. The fifth is Urbaida Mahamadu, she is 1 year old.

What do you do for work? I pick Shea nuts, farm and also burn charcoal to sell. The Shea picking helps me a lot as I am able to make money from it, of which I am able to provide food for my family, buy clothes for myself and my children. 

Supporting the Women of Ghana

Here at Deluxe Shea Butter, it’s the people behind the product who make it all happen. Our fair trade products are a direct result of giving members of the Ghanaian communities a fair go with a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

Sana Danaa of the Sankapalla Dakoliyili community is a grandmother of 3 and one of our most experienced shea pickers.
Sana’s underprivileged childhood meant that her parents could not afford to send her to school. With a burgeoning family of her own, Sana has to work 3 jobs to be able to send some of them to school for better employment opportunities.
Anda Awudu takes pride in producing the best shea butter in Ghana! She’s dedicated to providing for her community.
For over 15 years, Anda has been involved in Deluxe Shea Butter production. She works incredibly hard to ensure that the Shea butter she produces is of the highest quality, earning her our honorary title of Shea Butter Queen. Her five amazing children are her main motivation and she loves to see her community thrive.
Tamarima a 21 year old from the Gumo community. She loves reading and is passionate about bettering her community!
Tamarima is a 21 year old from the Gumo community. She loves reading and is passionate about bettering her community! Her mother Fati Ibrahim is a Shea butter producer from the Gumo producing centre while her father Ibrahim is a farmer. She plans on becoming a teacher to help educate the children in her community.
Jamilah Sumani is an enthusiastic eighteen year old from the Gumo community and loves making shea butter.
Meet Jamilah Sumani our Shea Butter Baller. Jamilah Sumani is an eighteen year old from the Gumo community, both Jamilah and her mother, Sanatu, have been helping to produce our Shea butter for over 20 years.
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