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Tamarima Abdulai

Tamarima a 21 year old from the Gumo community. She loves reading and is passionate about bettering her community!

Tamarima is a 21 year old from the Gumo community. She loves reading and is passionate about bettering her community! Her mother Fati Ibrahim is a Shea butter producer from the Gumo producing centre while her father Ibrahim is a farmer. She plans on becoming a teacher to help educate the children in her community.

What’s your name? Tamarima Abdulai

What are some things you like?  A dog is my favourite pet because it provides us security at home.  T.Z is my favourite food because it is the most common food at our area. I like reading during my leisure time.

Do you enjoy school? I have recently completed Senior High School; I love to read.

How has Deluxe Shea Butter helped your community?

The Shea butter business helps my mother to take care of the family. I help her with the business anytime I am free. Through the Shea butter business, my mom has been able to support me to complete my SHS (Senior High School). I currently attend extra classes through the support of my mother’s business.

Do you like working with Shea? I like the aspect of roasting the nuts. I wish to become a professional teacher in the future. I like teaching because it engages the brain to work all the time and they support the development of the society.

Tell us about your history? Life has not been easy for us when we were growing up, but I have to work hard to support my mom in doing her Shea butter business. My mom used to sell cow milk but it does not have much market. Shea butter gives more profit although the work is very difficult.

What about the future? I’d really like to become a teacher.

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